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If you’re looking for an awesome experience on a double decker bus tour, we have tried the best and we recommend OPEN LOOP New York. OPEN LOOP New York is the city’s newest and most exciting, hop on hop off  bus tour company. Their fleet of brand new double-decker buses take you to all major attractions of New York City at very competitive prices. https://www.openloop-ny.com

OPEN LOOP New York is an affiliate of RATP Group which has the original hop on hop off bus operations in London and Paris.

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OPEN LOOP New York review

If you’re looking for an awesome experience on board a New York Hop on Hop off bus, I highly recommend the OPEN LOOP New York https://www.openloop-ny.com. Not only do they come with years of double decker experience in other cities such as Paris and London, but you’ll be riding in the comfort of brand new buses.

 CitySights NY & Gray Line New York review
They are both owned by the same company, Twin America. So you won’t see any difference in price or service. As a matter of fact, they are getting sued by the justice dept for forming a monopoly and price gouging. Read about it here: NY TIMES & JUSTICE DEPT.